FAQs About Easyfile PRM

Is EasyFile Affordable?

At less than a $1 per day… EasyFile may actually pay for itself just in reduced paper purchases, ink and toner cartridge costs, file folders and boxes.  There's also less clutter and frustration… and giving you back something that is hard to put a price on… Your Time!

Not to mention… What about the positive impact on the environment just by reducing those consumables you are using on a daily basis?

What if I like having my paper to hold and handle?

Well, you can certainly continue to do that… even if you subscribe to EasyFile.  But ask yourself… Without EasyFile, what back up do I (or my family) have for those files if they get lost, misplaced, or destroyed by accident, fire, flood, or some other natural disaster?

Couldn't I do all of these things with various free tools.

Free solutions are only free if your time is worth nothing.  There is no single, simple solution that does everything that EasyFile does.  While many people might figure out how to cobble together a variety of 'freebie' tools and processes… most prove unsuccessful and actually spend more time and effort.  Not so with EasyFile… One Solution, One Place for all your important files and records. 

In fact, for most people, having more than one solution and process to use may actually increase their risks of misplacing or losing those files due to very poor or no real automated organizational tools built in to those other "solutions".  Without intelligent, automated, organizational tools… you may be left to your own memory of what you named files and where you put them in order to find them.  That becomes very difficult when those files begin running into the hundreds or even thousands… as they will over time.

Will EasyFile work with my existing devices?

Yes, EasyFile paperless workflow desktop app is compatible with virtually all scanners, multifunction devices, and web browsers.

How much storage does EasyFile provide as part of my subscription?

While EasyFile itself has an unlimited storage potential… the monthly subscription rate includes up to 25GB of online storage. Should you need more, additional 10GB blocks are only $2.95 per month.

Are my files and information safe in EasyFile?

If you are storing files on your computer, or in cloud-based file shares, are they being protected from viruses and ransomware? Are they encrypted? Are they being backed up? If you accidentally delete a file… can you get it back?
In today's world, people want to streamline their lives, have better access to their records and information, and have it secured and protected.  This what makes EasyFile truly special.  It does all of these things.

What happens to my files if I cancel my subscription to EasyFile?

You have the ability to self-export all of your files and data from your electronic cabinets in EasyFile, at no charge, before cancelling your subscription.  Or, if you prefer, you can request our Technical Services Team perform an export service for you (a services fee will be required).

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